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Therapy Toolkit

With years of experience providing online therapy services, our therapists recognize the challenge of implementing therapy strategies and activities on top of the demanding task of raising children.  We want therapy activities to be fun, engaging, and possible.  Each student receiving speech, occupational, or physical therapy will be provided a therapy toolkit.  These discipline-specific toolkits are designed to be adaptable to meet the individual needs of your child under the direction of our experienced therapists.  By making therapeutic activities fun and engaging, your child will be excited to jump into each therapy session and then practice skills throughout each day.  The therapy toolkits facilitate generalization of skills by providing the foundation for a fun home program which accelerates progress in therapy.

Physical Therapy Kit


  1. Better balance to encourage safety on the playground and when walking around campus
  2. Gross motor coordination to help students engage in play and physical education
  3. Improved muscle strength to support good posture while learning throughout each day

Our physical therapy kit is filled with dynamic equipment that can be used in a variety of ways in order to engage and challenge each child.  Our physical therapists will guide therapeutic activities with this fun kit of supplies, which includes a beach ball, jump rope, tennis ball, and supplies to make your own gross motor challenges in any space.

Occupational Therapy Kit


  1. Improved fine motor coordination and visual motor coordination to promote quality handwriting
  2. Improved visual perception and ocular motor coordination to help students read and copy information off the board
  3. Better balance, motor planning, and muscle strength to support good posture at school and at home

Loaded with fun manipulatives, this kit encourages hours of participation in enjoyable games that improve sensory motor development.  Our occupational therapy kit supports practice of specific skills our team is addressing in a board game format.  Consistent practice with the manipulatives in the kit (which includes clay, putty, beads, scissors, pipe cleaners, and more) will support generalization of skills across environments.

Speech and Language Therapy Kit


  1. Improved articulation to help students communicate with friends, family, and teachers
  2. Language development that will support a greater depth of understanding of academic concepts
  3. Progress in the area of pragmatics in order to help students use social language appropriately

Our interactive speech tools are also adaptable to meet the needs of students with a wide range of speech and language needs.  Our speech therapists will guide students in therapeutic activities that elicit specific speech and language skills with exciting tools, like our thinking hat, puppets, games and more.

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