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WebWise Therapy Services is at the forefront of providing educationally relevant Designated Instructional Services (DIS) support. With outstanding therapists implementing evidenced-based programs, students will make progress on their IEP goals. Additionally, the IEP team will be supported and trained to implement strategies to better meet the needs of all the students they are serving. As students receive consistent and appropriate support, your school will be in compliance and your students will thrive.

The WebWise Therapy Services team will also help meet your DIS needs in an economical way, while helping parents to feel included and trained, supporting the carryover of new skills. The WebWise team takes an individualized approach to every child, ensuring that every child has fun, while making progress. Our goal is for our students to leave each therapy session looking forward to the next.

What can we do for you?


Educational services that focus on making quantifiable academic progress by guiding instructional activities that are intrinsically motivating, address foundational areas of need, and are linked to the Educational Standards.


Fiscally conscious services across a host of disciplines, streamlining service delivery, promoting greater continuity of care, and ensuring compliance for your school.


Flexible scheduling which meets the individual needs of each student in the least restrictive environment and encourages IEP team involvement.


Uniquely qualified and experienced professionals who believe in the power of connecting with students and motivating them to become their best.

The Online Difference

Online services are not only convenient, but also help your student’s development in many ways. Our therapists have seen schools benefit from therapy services being online because the team can support a student’s skills in different environments, which encourages the generalization of progress and thus prepares the student for graduating from services. By seeing the challenges in the home or school settings, our therapists gain greater insight into the challenges preventing success. 

If you are an administrator with a large region to support, we bring help to your students through real-time, face-to-face therapy that decreases travel time for therapists and saves money. This is a great option for students that are on home hospital for various reasons including students with severely compromised immune systems. 

We are excited to learn about your processes and procedures in order to facilitate continuity with your in-person therapists and teachers as well. We can help make caseloads manageable for your team, fostering a sustainable workload and minimizing staff turnover.

Initial Consult Therapy Toolkits

Online Therapy Services that offer access, convenience, possibility and change.

“Our charter school organization has worked with WebWise Therapy Services to provide services to our Special Education students. WebWise has always been approachable and responsive to our student's needs. I strongly recommend WebWise Therapy Serivices if your school is looking for quality education for your Special Education students.” Alan Judge (Special Education Provider Coordinator)