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Like any parent, you want the best for your child. You want opportunity and access. A level playing field. A promising future. In short, you want more.
Of course, you know as well as we do that wishes and hope mean nothing unless it comes with real world solutions that provide your child, along with your entire family, the strategy and tools to turn those dreams into reality.
At WebWise Therapy Services, we offer the quality therapy services every child deserves. Our experienced therapists are committed to helping your child by getting to know you and your family, while learning about your child’s individual needs. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach that provides a united and consistent program, breaking down the barriers to academic progress. As part of the IEP team, we will train on the ground staff and families members, facilitating the daily implementation of supports and programs.
We are honored to offer the team and services that fuel your hope for a better life for your child.

What Can We Do For You?

Our team of therapists will work together to help your child grow and learn. By approaching your child’s challenges from different perspectives, our team will support educational challenges, speech and language delays, and motor delays. 

Addressing the foundational areas of need, our therapists solidify the building blocks of learning and then build momentum as each child becomes more confident and thrives.  Children remember their love of learning, fill in gaps of information they missed, and make progress educationally.

The Online Difference

Online services are not only convenient, but also help your child’s development in many ways. Our therapists have seen families benefit from therapy services being online because the team can support a child’s skills in different environments, which encourages the generalization of progress. By seeing the challenges in the home or school settings, our therapists gain greater insight into the challenges preventing success. 

If your family lives far away from quality services, we bring help to you through real-time, face-to-face therapy. If your child cannot tolerate the stimulation of a car ride or therapy practice, we are there with flexible scheduling and the right therapist in your living room or classroom. If your child is medically fragile, you don’t have to wait to start making progress in therapy.

Initial Consult Therapy Toolkits

Online Therapy Services that offer access, convenience, possibility and change.

“My son has been working with Miss Robyn for two academic years now. She has helped Miles understand his body, and what strategies he can put into play when he needs breaks and becomes overwhelmed. The therapy is less about his various LD labels, and more about where he is now and what he needs. Robyn is also very efficient at working with his IEP team, writing goals for him etc. She is also very personable, and NEVER makes Miles feel less than in any way. She is straight-forward, kind, up to date in her profession, and very experienced. I would refer Miss Robyn and her team to anyone who has OT needs.” B.P. Mother of a 9 year old boy with Learning Disabilities