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The Webwise Therapy Service Advantage

The Webwise team will support all your DIS needs in one place, easing the demands of starting new contracts and encouraging the continuity across disciplines. By providing quality, consistent services, students make progress, parents are happy, and the entire IEP team is supported.

Educational services that focus on making academic progress by guiding therapeutic activities that are intrinsically motivating, address foundational areas of need, and are linked to the Common Core State Standards.

  • We build rapport with each student, learning about what they love and encouraging them as they improve in challenging areas.
  • Students are not fazed by the webcam and are motivated by the computer. This allows us to have a window into their true educational environment and teach them important technology skills that will provide them with life skills that are key to Generation Z.
  • Our therapists understand the new Common Core State Standards and are ready to guide the development of goals that are measurable, obtainable, and educationally relevant.

Fiscally conscious services across a host of disciplines, streamlining service delivery and promoting greater continuity of care.

  • Ease of set up (one contract, lower rates).
  • Collaboration on an on-going basis, cohesive, comprehensive and under one “roof”.
  • Collaboration promotes educational progress by goals being addressed across disciplines and environments.
  • Continuity of services: using a similar approach means that the student is not confused and makes progress.
  • Students get the services they need regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status.

Flexible scheduling which meets the individual needs of each student in the least restrictive environment and encourages IEP team involvement.

  • On-going training with paraprofessionals.
  • Individualized school programs.
  • More possibilities for students with similar needs being grouped.
  • More possibilities for students to be paired with a therapist that speaks their language.
  • Services can be provided at home if a child is medically fragile, severely immunocompromised, or highly sensitive to sensory input.

Services provided by uniquely qualified, experienced professionals who believe in the power of connecting with students, motivating them to become their best.

  • Our team has access to a resource library: over 1000 therapeutic activities and instructional handouts. Many evidence-based programs such as handwriting without tears, S’cool move, Alert Program etc.
  • Our team gets to collaborate with each other all over the nation.
  • Our team learns more all the time with our continuing education program.
  • We match each student with the team best fit to serve them with their unique needs.

What does this mean to the administrator?

  • Save money
  • Educationally relevant recommendations
  • Services that will happen and meet deadlines, ensuring compliance
  • Team approach: students make progress, teachers are supported, parents are included
  • Everyone is happy!

What does this mean to your family?

  • Quality services where you are
  • Help that's just a click away
  • A full team of specialists working together to help your child
  • As the parent, you are included and encouraged
  • You're safe to hope for more!

What does this mean to the therapist?

  • Work with a team - you are not on an island anymore
  • Work from home with a dedicated multidisciplinary team
  • Lifelong learning supported with a big resource library and continuing education
  • Convenient scheduling and part time opportunities available
  • Make a difference!
for more information call 855.355.9473

Online Therapy Services that offer access, convenience, possibility and change.